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Don’t want to purchase a new winter jacket for your upcoming trip? Rent one from us.

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Getting started

Our rental process is designed to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience – It is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Browse through our wide range of selections under Closet and you can click on the booking option available and reserve your items instantly on our website. We will require a full payment upon confirmation. Items will be release if we do not receive your payment upon confirmation. However you may wish to speak with us should you have any clarification on the rental process or payment process.
The rental fee includes shipping both ways and dry cleaning services. Pricing quoted per item is based on a per day rental basis. The minimum rental period is 7 days. We will contact you to check on your available schedule to deliver your rented items. We will pick up the rented items within one day upon your return. An additional S$10 per day charges will apply for late return without prior notice.
We understand that wear and tear may be inevitable, however, damage or stain and loss items will be borne by the Renter and we will charge the Renter the full retail price based on the real-time market price and online reference on a case by case basis. Alternatively, you can purchase our Damage and Loss Insurance based on per item and there will be NO liabilities for any damaged or loss items. The option is available during your booking process. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email should you need more clarifications.
Customers are allow to pass or exchange the rental to a third party, we rent the clothing to you by per day basis, and you can pass it to anyone to use it as long as it is return safely. However, we will only communicate with the main Renter during the whole rental process.
Currently, we do not charge any shipping fees – it is absolutely free of charge for both ways based on the following timing. Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 8.00pm and Saturday from 10.00am to 2.00pm. Any request to arrange for deliveries or collection outside the stipulated timing stated above, there would be a shipping fee imposed.
Yes you may cancel / withdraw your order by providing us with a minimum of 7 days’ notice before the rental date commence. If you cancel your order less than 7 days before the start of your rental period, The Chilled Closet will reserves the right to refund only 50% of your payment. Please do discuss with us for any cancellation request less than 7 days of notice. We will handle this on an individual per order basis.. Please do not hesitate to discuss with us for any cancellation request.

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