What You Need For Different Temperatures

Suggestions on what to wear based on the temperature at the destination that you are traveling. Humidity and Wind will also affect how cold the weather will actually be. Additionally, your activity level, body type and tolerance for the cold matters as well. Following are the basic needs when you travel to the different climates…..

Range between 10° to 20°

You may not need thick winter clothes for this range of temperature. Usually you can get away with just one layer of clothing on a sunny day. When it gets cold at night, put on a light jacket and a lightweight scarf.

Range between 0° to 10°

For this temperature range, it would be necessary for you to be equipped with a proper jacket. A fleece jacket, a wool coat or even a thin down jacket will helps. Also consider wearing thermal layers made of cotton, merino wool or silk. Don’t forget your gloves, scarves, and a knit hat or beanie!

Range below 0°

This is the time that you do not want to be under dressed. You will definitely require at least three to four layers for temperatures below the freezing point. The key is layering. Wear it on when it gets cold, and remove the layers when you feel warm. Remember RENT A COAT, NOT A COLD 🙂

In order to keep warm, you will need winter essential accessories that you will keep you well protected:

  • Ears and head area (ear mittens, and knitted cap, hats and beanie)
  • Neck (scarves)
  • Core Area (different layers of protection – long john, inner thermal wear, a good winter jacket)
  • Hands and Feet (Gloves, and winter socks and pants.

Once you’ve got these parts covered well, you are sure to so comfortable and will definitely enjoy your well deserved vacation. Don’t skimp on your accessories – buy good winter gloves, scarves, hat and socks.